Jon A. Scaman - Global Financial Distibutors

Jon A. ScamanSenior Financial Services Manager

With more than 33 years of experience in the banking and financial service industries, Jon Scaman brings extensive first-hand knowledge and case experience to his role as a Senior Financial Services Manager with Global Financial Distributors (GFD).

Prior to joining GFD parent company Entaire Global in 2005, Mr. Scaman worked as an Independent Registered Investment advisor for four years with clients throughout the state of Georgia. Mr. Scaman worked from 1995-2001 with the Citi Group as a financial services advisor. Prior to that, Mr. Scaman worked with Bank of America in California – beginning his banking career with them in 1988.

Mr. Scaman’s experience in the insurance and banking industry enable him to provide agents with comprehensive case support assistance as well as prospecting assistance and training.

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