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GFD’s creativity and flexibility make us your premier partner for life insurance premium financing solutions. We are adept at structuring a wide variety of lending solutions based upon the built-up value within life insurance policies. Whether it’s for business or personal planning needs, GFD can implement a loan backed by an existing policy to meet those requirements. It is for these reasons, and the ones listed below, that GFD is the best choice in the industry.


Together with our sister companies we have over 175 years of combined insurance/banking knowledge and over 25 years of direct experience structuring lending strategies to meet the personal and professional planning needs of business owners, medical professionals, medium-to-high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

Personal Guaranty Exclusions

Leveraged Planning® solutions for business typically do not require personal guaranties, relying instead on collateral within the product funded, the business assets and, when necessary, outside collateral.*

Loan Servicing Flexibility

Leveraged Planning solutions offer clients the ability to make interest payments on a current basis.**

No Recurring, Trust, or Legal Fees

Generally, there are no annual origination, maintenance, trust or legal fees required to set up a Leveraged Planning solution.

72 Hours to a Preliminary Offer

In most circumstances, upon receipt of the completed loan underwriting form, we can provide your client with a rate offer (or a firm offer with complete financials) in as little as 3 business days.

Highly Competitive Rates

Variable, floored, fixed and custom rate options are all available with our programs. Loan terms extend to 10 years and loans in good standing may be renewed with no additional underwriting.

Streamlined Annual Review (No Follow-Up Underwriting)

Our lender conducts a comprehensive annual review and update of your client’s plan, without additional underwriting.

Financing of Existing Policies or Refinancing of Loans from Other Lenders

We can refinance existing loans or provide financing for in-force policies.

Broad Range of Carriers Accepted

We work with a large pool of top-rated carriers which makes finding the right product for your clients’ needs easier.

Low Minimum Loan Size

Loan sizes can range from a minimum initial premium of $100,000 in first year funding to an uncapped maximum customized to the needs of any client.

* Trust based loans will typically require a personal guaranty
** Interest deferral may be selected when approved by us and authorized by the carrier

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