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Do you have an existing life insurance policy that has the potential to be highly valuable, but is currently encumbered by existing loans against the value within the policy? GFD can help.

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Refinancing Existing Policy Loans

GFD has extensive experience in restructuring existing loans against policy cash surrender value (CSV). Whether it’s an existing premium financing arrangement through a third party lender, or policy loans from the carrier taken against your policy’s CSV, we can work with you to structure a loan that offers significant benefits over your existing loan.

Refinancing through GFD enables you to take advantage of an array of possible benefits including:

  • Improving the death benefit of a currently encumbered policy
  • Significantly improving policy cash value
  • Restoring some of the many other benefits of the life insurance policy
  • Take advantage of GFD’s ability to facilitate rapid underwriting and provide loans against the minimum guaranteed CSV within the policy

Please contact us for more information about these loans at 800-515-2599. If you would like us to contact you, click here to fill out our contact form and a Financial Services Manager will get back to you.

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Loans Against Policy Cash Value

GFD is able to provide loans of up to 100% of the minimum guaranteed cash surrender value of your existing universal or whole life policy (CSV).

Additional benefits of GFD’s in-force lending options include:

  • Personal guarantees are generally not required for business borrowers
  • 10 year loan term with no annual “re-underwriting”
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Rapid underwriting and loan approval
  • Broad range of carriers accepted

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