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Global financial distributors (GFD) can provide a broad range of rate options for the structure of Leveraged Planning® solutions for businesses and individuals. Based on LIBOR and fixed or variable, GFD’s rates are structured to ensure that the client is given the maximum number of options in order to choose the best financial course available.

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Variable Rates

LIBOR based variable rates (floating). Options include some rates with a floor.

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Fixed Rates

The fixed rate option provides clients the ability to put in place a security mechanism to guard against future rate increases.

  1. LIBOR-based rates are determined by the British Bankers’ Association 12 month USD LIBOR as reported by Bloomberg, plus spread.
  2. One time application/origination fees vary.
  3. All rates reflect a 10 year loan term.
  4. All rates are determined based on first year fundings/advances.

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