Case Submission - Global Financial Distibutors
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Corporate Borrower

(S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC and Partnerships)

  • Signed Loan Underwriting Form (LUF)
  • Corporate and Individual tax returns – complete with all schedules – signed and dated (last 2 consecutive years)
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Insurance carrier illustration
  • Finance illustration if prepared
  • State certified corporate formation documents (i.e. Articles of Incorporation)
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Individual Borrower

(Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust)

  • Signed Loan Underwriting Form (LUF)
  • Tax returns – signed and dated from either the Trust (if available) or Trust Grantor/Insured (last 2 consecutive years)
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Insurance Carrier Illustration
  • Finance illustration if prepared
  • Complete executed copy of trust documents
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Additional Information & Requirements

Upon review, we may require (among other documentation):

  • Statements to support liquid assets
  • CPA letters of support
  • Business valuation reports, property tax records, etc.
  • If tax returns have been extended:
    – Copy of extension
    – Year-end balance sheet & Income Statement
    – Interim balance sheet
    – W-2’s, 1099, or K-1’s, as applicable

Please provide all of the above items/information as necessary. Send items, along with completed insurance and/or annuity paperwork, to:

Global Financial Distributors, Inc.
ATTN: [Your Financial Services Manager]
1200 Ashwood Pkwy
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30338
Fax: 770.696.5482

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