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GFD is committed to keeping in touch with you during this time. As events continue to unfold related to Coronavirus COVID-19, we will post updates regarding preparedness and the measures we’re taking to insure we can provide the superlative service you expect. As GFD is a subsidiary of Synovus Bank, please CLICK HERE to read how the Synovus family is responding to Covid19.

What GFD Offers

We are the nation’s leading provider of customized life insurance premium financing and insurance-backed lending strategies. GFD offers businesses and individuals a variety of options to plan for the future with high-touch service and support. Get to know our products and let us find a solution that works for your needs.

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Lending Solutions

GFD is the nation’s leading provider of high-touch, customized life insurance premium financing and insurance-backed lending strategies. GFD’s direct lending approach and extensive experience crafting insurance-supported solutions enable us to meet the needs of both business and individual clients.

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Loan Details

GFD’s loan submission process is streamlined. Providing preliminary rate offers in as little as 48 hours, requiring no annual underwriting, and with (generally) no requirement for personal guarantees, GFD is the optimal choice for life insurance premium financing and other insurance-backed lending solutions.


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GFD has more institutional experience, with more varied types of lending solutions, than any other provider of life insurance premium financing solutions in the industry today.

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With GFD, borrowers are afforded flexibility in every aspect of managing their loan – from development to implementation to post-closing loan support – ensuring that the loan always meets their needs.

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Loan Processing and Management

GFD can generally provide a preliminary loan offer in as little as 72 business hours and doesn’t require annual re-underwriting to keep the loan in force once it is approved and closed. Additionally, GFD offers automatic 10-year renewal after the first term.

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Carrier Range

GFD works with a broad range of top-rated carriers offering insurance products best suited to premium financing – which makes finding the right product for the borrower’s need easier.

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Client-Centric Focus

GFD works before, during and after loan closing to insure that: every loan is custom-tailored for the borrower, that closing is a smooth and easy process, and that ongoing support and service are the best in the industry.

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Part of the Synovus Bank Family

Ranked the “Most Reputable Bank in the US” by American Banker, Synovus Bank provides GFD with the strength and support to provide borrowers the peace of mind they need when financing their life insurance premiums.


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GFD’s custom-tailored life insurance premium financing solutions set the standard for flexibility in the industry.

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Providing a broad range of life insurance-backed planning solutions to business borrowers, GFD’s expertise is unparalleled.

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For high net worth individuals seeking trust-based borrowing for estate planning needs, GFD is best partner available.

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GFD offers superior terms and rates, enabling borrowers with existing policy loans to refinance and significantly improve product performance.

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