About GFD

GFD is a nationwide leader in insurance-backed lending and life insurance premium financing solutions. Leveraged Planning® solutions from GFD enable business owners, physicians, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals to craft and implement a custom financing approach to meet a wide range of business and personal planning needs.


Lending Solutions

GFD provides qualified borrowers – whether business or individual – with customized, insurance and/or annuity-backed lending solutions. Life insurance premium financing and insurance-based business planning are merely the beginning of the wide range of financial needs that can be met with a Leveraged Planning® solution from GFD.

Loan Details

Life insurance premium financing and other insurance and annuity-backed lending solutions from GFD offer a host of benefits over those from other premium financing firms. Our loan terms, rates and submission process are widely viewed by advisors and their clients as collectively among the very best in the industry.