Executive Compensation

In the modern employment environment, high quality executive talent is often most easily recruited and retained when the benefit package includes a strong executive retirement plan.

Funding executive compensation plans can often present a challenge for business owners. High cash value life insurance plans can prove to be an ideal tool for providing corporate leaders with a significant future economic benefit both during their lives – and potentially for their heirs. Premiums for these policies can be expensive, though – that’s where a Leveraged Planning solution can help.

By using a commercial loan approach, the firm can protect business asset liquidity while still providing a suitable compensation structure designed to appeal to their executives.

GFD’s experienced staff can work with businesses and their financial and legal representatives to assist in the crafting and funding of a life-insurance based executive compensation agreement that will help to improve key employee retention and insure that valuable human resources remain within the organization. GFD’s unique competencies, high-touch service and favorable rates and terms make us the leading choice to fund these mission-critical strategies.