How to build ties with your business owner clients


As an insurance agent who sells to business owners, you’re probably well aware of the fact that their success is very much in your interest.

When business activity intensifies, so too do owners’ needs. But in order to provide them with the resources they may need for themselves or their employees, you have to establish a rapport. The following are some key tips in how to build relationships with your business owner clients.

Open all the lines of communication
Think about the relationships you have in your own life. Most likely, those you’re closest with are those you communicate the most frequently. Similarly, make sure your current or potential client knows you can be reached at any time, be it face-to-face, via phone, email or text. As Forbes magazine points out, over-communicating is a misnomer, because it’s not possible when your aim is to establish trust and familiarity.

“Become an expert in your client’s field.”

Know their stuff
When someone utters the phrase, “He really knows his stuff,” it’s an informal way of saying that the individual is highly fluent in a specific topic or area of discipline. But to make a lasting impression on your business owner clients, you should be sure that you really know “their” stuff, becoming as much of an expert as you can about their line of work, company or passion. You’ll be able to determine what it is by opening up the lines of communication. Once you find it, hone in on it and turn to as many reputable resources as possible to learn more. In doing so, your clients will know you have their best interests in mind and may more fully appreciate how the product or service you’re selling can apply to their situations.

Listen intensely
Though hearing and listening may seem synonymous, there are key differences between the two terms. Anyone can hear what’s going on, but ultimately, it’s background noise when your focus is on something else. Listening, on the other hand, suggests that you’re actively paying attention and absorbing information so you can learn and act accordingly. If taking notes is a strategy that works for you, do it.

“Nothing replaces in-person meetings.”

Prioritize in-person meetings
Texting, emails, direct messaging and social media have made instant communication possible, but none of these methods replace face-to-face meetings. Make sure to carve out time so you can meet with your clients one-on-one. You may want to go to a sporting event or fair, so you can further discuss business matters in an informal setting. This is another way to build your relationship with clients because other topics may come up that will provide a glimpse into your clients’ personal life.

Not only does establishing a solid relationship with business owner clients make you someone they can trust, but it also will help you determine whether they’re a candidate for Leveraged Planning┬« solutions. This is a life insurance approach to building wealth that has the potential to generate income on an ongoing basis. Business owners in a variety of industries have found Leveraged Planning strategies to be effective, but ideally, companies fare best when they have unencumbered assets of at least $1 million.

For more details on Leveraged Planning and its potential to strengthen your business owner clients’ financial considerations in retirement, speak with a GFD Financial Services Manager today.