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Employer match drives workers’ retirement savings rates

Employers love staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty. It turns out, though, that many workers aren't using the same go-getter strategy when it comes to preparing for their retirement, based on the results of a newly released study


Volunteering breeds more living, study suggests

From an insurance sales professional's perspective, there's more to volunteering than simply helping your community – not to mention serving as a great way to land more referrals and prospects. It could also wind up lengthening your life, a newly released study suggests.


Poll: Only 10 percent of business owners have succession plan

In a recent survey of approximately 1,100 accounting and finance professionals, only 10 percent of respondents indicated they knew of someone internally who would be able to step into a role that was left by a former employee, staffing firm Robert Half Management Resources found.


5 pearls of wisdom for rookie insurance agents

While the days of the milkman and the VCR repairman may have come and gone, the insurance professional will never go away. After all, everyone needs insurance, whether it's to drive, to cover medical expenses or to financially provide for loved ones after a loss.