5 key elements to a leveraged planning elevator pitch

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118 seconds. At just under two minutes, that’s how long the average elevator ride takes in New York City before riders disembark.

That’s not much to work with. So you can understand, then, why elevator pitches – the long-time short-message strategy that insurance agents have been employing for years – can be extremely difficult to nail. In a matter of moments, you not only have to get your prospect’s attention, but also make the information presented compelling enough to keep them interested.

As with anything, it takes time to get an elevator pitch down cold, certainly more than the typical ride takes. But with the right attitude and fundamentals of what makes for a good one, the elevator may turn out to be the arena where you’re at your best – cramped though it may be.

Here are five elements that should be part of sales pitch when promoting leveraged planning and why it’s a worthwhile program for individuals and business owners to pursue:

Be memorable

“Your elevator pitch should leave an indelible impression.”

People are more likely to walk away from a chance meeting when something unexpected happen to them. Nothing can break the ice quite like humor. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to turn around in an elevator and say to those with you, “Now, I bet you’re all wondering why I gathered you here today,” go for it. So long as it’s not unprofessional, rely on your creativity to make the beginning of your elevator pitch memorable.

Keep it short and sweet
In today’s fast-paced society, people have as short of an attention span as ever. A radio talk show is the perfect example of how callers have to get to their point immediately. The same standard applies with promoting leveraged planning. Clearly define what leveraged planning is so that at the very least, they’ll walk away having learned something new.

Key in on upshot
Perhaps more important than what defines leveraged planning is how it can work for your potential client. Emphasize the central message that leveraged planning uses life insurance and borrowed funds to generate significant cash value. Global Financial Distributors does it in a unique way through compound interest and only paying the premium on the cost of insurance. Make this the focal point of your message.

Make it personal

“Leveraged planning is tailor made for physicians and attorneys.”

Have you ever noticed that everyone is interested in the weather? Referenced in small talk and consistently garnering the largest share of eyeballs in local newscasts, it’s popular because the weather affects everyone in one form or another. That’s what you should aim for when pitching leveraged planning – make it personal. Business owners and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds have benefited from the program, but it’s especially gearedĀ for professionals in medicine – like private practitioners and primary care physicians – as well as lawyers and financial advisors.

Aim for authenticity
Leveraged planning is for high net worth individuals and business owners, most of whom have seen an awful lot to get to where they are. So if you don’t present a genuine sense of authenticity to your elevator pitch, you won’t get very far with your message. Try your best to be “real” with your client, aiming not to sound too sales pitchy but still matter-of-factly detailing why leveraged planning brings results.

For more information on leveraged planning and how it’s been a trusted source of wealth creation for many years, speak with a GDF advisor.